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Why the world needs Batman [Sep. 2nd, 2008|08:34 pm]
LexCorp Media

This was the essay sent to us by Jonathan Crane, former psychiatric doctor at the infamous Arkham Asylum, and more well-known as the costume-wearing criminal; the Scarecrow.

In an about-turn, Crane has written a lengthy diatribe on the necessity of his most frequent foe, and this has painted the former doctor in a new light to many of the essays readers. We at the Daily Planet cannot pass judgement, but we can pose the question; does this spell a reformation in the character of Jonathan Crane? Or is this a ruse by the Scarecrow for an early release?

The Scarecrow was last in the headlines when he was nearly fatally wounded by a policewoman in GCPD, who will remain nameless. His crimes have been many, his usually modus operandi being the use of his own patented fear toxin to drive his victims insane, or to their deaths. This sadistic criminal has become known as the Master of Fear by many in Gotham, and his reputation has become prevalent throughout the US as one of the country's most persistent criminals.

His new essay; "Why the world needs Batman", is at times similar to our own Lois Lane's essay titled "Why the world needs Superman", but Crane has specifically covered the fear the Batman produces in the criminal, as well as the innocent elements, of Gotham life. Crane is a self-proclaimed expert in the field of psychoses, and our medical expert Dr Warner has praised the work as a masterstroke in analysing the mysteries of Batman, and the world's reaction to him.

We have included with Crane's permission, an excerpt from his essay, in which he deconstructs the character of the Batman. Perhaps it is due to Crane's style of writing, but your columnist did feel chills going down his spine when he read this part, and has had to sleep with the light on for many nights since.


From the chapter - What we see in the face of the BatCollapse )
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In the current edition of the London 'Sun'... [Sep. 20th, 2005|01:43 am]
LexCorp Media
London, England- As Londoners begin to recover from the effects of the worldwide pandemic, officials returning to work have found a string of rather bizarre crimes.

Colin Warren, the current Raven Master at the Tower of London, fell ill during the last week of the plague. Unfortunately, no one was able to replace him at guard and when Mr. Warren was finally able to return to work he found all seven ravens missing.

Scotland Yard officials state that it appears to be the work of an American criminal, Harleen Quinzel, otherwise known as Harley Quinn. Ms. Quinzel is suspected of a string of crimes, including a toxic spill in the Thames, a break in at Harrod's, and several other misdemeanors. Chief Inspector Grant, in charge of the case, also informed reporters that Ms. Quinzel is suspected of breaking into the famous Madame Tussaud's and stealing several of the wax figures, including one of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Officers have been posted at all airports and docks in the area, but as of yet Ms. Quinzel remains at large. According to Chief Grant, "During the illness and riots of the past few weeks, we have no idea when these crimes occurred. The damned woman could still be in London or halfway to bloody Wales by now!"
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Birth announcement [Sep. 19th, 2005|02:39 pm]
LexCorp Media
GRAYSON - Dick and Barbara Grayson, Bludhaven, announce the birth of a daughter, Mary Donna Barbara Anne Grayson, September 17, 2005, at 10 p.m. at Wayne Medical Center in Gotham City. She weighed 7 lbs, 3 ounces, and was 19 inches long. She has an adopted sister, Mar'i Grayson.

Grandparents include Bruce Wayne (adoptive), James W. Gordon (adoptive), the late John and Mary Grayson, and the late Roger and Thelma Gordon.
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Keystone at 11 [May. 30th, 2005|02:41 am]
LexCorp Media
...We're here at the Flash museum, which has apparently been devastated by person or persons unknown. Emergency crews are surveying the interior to see if there is any structural damage, but so far it appears that the vandalism has been confined to the exhibits.

Security personnel say that around 9:00 PM, while the new movie, Flash: Faster Than Lightning was premiering. The guard on duty noted a fire door alarm, and then there was, according to him, "a storm of wind, like a tornado" inside the building. When he next looked, the damage had been done.

So far, all signs point to this being another speedster, but given the Flash's history, that doesn't narrow things down all that much.

We'll be live on scene with events as they develop. Here at the Flash Museum, I'm Linda Lee.
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in the current edition of the Boston Statist [May. 16th, 2005|11:44 pm]
LexCorp Media
BOSTON (LP/Reuters) - A diamond exchange and two jewelers were robbed yesterday morning by a presumed metahuman thief, mimicking a series of robberies committed last week in Seattle. The three crimes were all committed in the space of approximately twenty minutes apart - but each of the three locations is at least three miles from one another.

Witnesses in Lancord Fine Stones reported being blinded with "pure darkness" for about five minutes at 10:20 AM, and in some cases being physically restrained (although unharmed) by unseen assailants. Stevenson Diamonds was robbed at 10:28 AM in the same manner and Folley Jewels at 10:35 AM. In all instances, security cameras were likewise covered with an "inky black substance" for the duration of the thefts.

Det. Curtis Hooper commented that Boston SCU were in contact with the Seattle police department about the crimes. "We're looking at all the angles we can for this one, but I suspect we're not going to see this person - or persons, if it was several groups working in tandem - for some time. We have reason to suspect that this is the same perp who committed the Seattle crimes, from what we've discussed with the Seattle PD, and they must have quit town soon afterwards to come here. If we can't find them in the next twenty-four hours, I'd be willing to bet they hit another city next week."

The total take from this crimewave is reportedly well over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, almost doubling the take of the Seattle spree.
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2004|10:59 am]
LexCorp Media
[mood |working]

((OOC is a greek translation, provided for those who speak greek))

*all TV's go to static for a second then switch to a view of an arena with Wonder Woman in armor and a helmet that covers her eyes facing a woman with snakes for hair and wings. Between them is Ares, god of War in his armor and he speaks to them*

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<apollo [...] come.>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

((OOC <word> is a greek translation, provided for those who speak greek))

*all TV's go to static for a second then switch to a view of an arena with Wonder Woman in armor and a helmet that covers her eyes facing a woman with snakes for hair and wings. Between them is Ares, god of War in his armor and he speaks to them*

<Apollo rises and your trial is at hand the challenge made and accepted, you meet on the field to the end in death. Here now and for the last time, each may you speak in peace...to plead your folly in your course and this avoid the blood yet to come. SO now say your intent, whether to yield or fight.>


*Ares hits the ground with his axe causing fire to errupt from the ground and cirle the stadium they stand within*

<So be it, let this place be consecrated as your field of honor, none may enter, none may leave, until one of you dies.>


*Medusa flings the first spear and Wonder Woman twists out of the way to return the throw which Medusa evades easily. Her eyes covered it would seem Wonder Woman is at a disatvantage.*

<Your eye is weak Amazon, you could not hit me were I standing still!>

*Wonder Woman pulls her axe from her back and speaks in an almost amused tone*

<Stop moving and we'll try it.>

*a flurry of blows exchanged and Wonder Woman deflects Medusa's sword with her shield using the momentum to shear several snakes of hair with her axe*

<That must have hurt.>

*in a fury Medusa swings her sword cutting into Diana's back and severing the strap of her armor on one side. Shouting how she plans to teach Wonder Woman an eternity of pain before turning her to stone she batters her with feet and fists finally knocking her to the ground and kicking her*

<You shame yourself and Athena before the eyes of the world Amazon. Know this in your defeat that you condemn all who witness this to the same fate as you. Did you not see the cameras? Did you not realize that a world would meet my living gaze? A legion turned to stone in tribute to my love Poseidon, you will be the first....what?>

*having kicked Wonder Woman to her back Medusa held her sword to her throat ripping the helmet from her head to reveal her gaze only to find a blindfold beneath shielding her gaze still from Medusa's*

<Wrong Medusa>

*Inhumanly fast her fist lashes out knocking Medusa sprawling and bleeding and she climbs to her feet*

<I am sorry for the weak start Gorgon, it is hard to hear with the helmet on. What? Nothing left to say? No reason left to gloat? You lust for revenge has driven you mad.>

*Stalking the gorgon carefully listening to her moves Wonder Woman continues to speak as Medusa circles behind her to strike*

<If you know nothing at all of Athena know this, her champions would die a thousand deaths to save but one mortal life.>

*easily deflecting the blows from behind the fight now seems to be going Wonder Woman's way, she drives the gorgon back with fierce blows leaving cuts and wounds on Medusa. The gorgon retaliates with poison spit from her snake hair and receives a crushing blow from a bracer in return.*

<I admit Amazon I am impressed...but not impressed enough.>

*With a final swing Medusa shatters Wonder Woman's weapon and slices through her armor until she has her turned around and she stabs her through the side reaching out and removing the blindfold at the same time so her eyes are unshielded. Wonder Woman falls to the ground holding her bleeding wounds and faces resolutely away from the gaze of the gorgon*

Look at me. <i>LOOK AT ME</i>

*even through the television the sound of her voice is compelling and you find yourself ready to fall into her eyes into stone oblivion*


*Wonder Woman reaches out and picks up one of the snakes that have fallen to the ground and prizes it's jaws open*

<what are you doing?>

*Wonder Woman's voice is shaky but resolute*

One mortal life is worth more...

*she squeezes the poison from the snake onto her face and into her eyes before turning to look at Medusa*

<No! I will NOT be cheated again! LOOK AT ME!>

*Wonder Woman turns her blind face to Medusa*


*rolling to retrieve her axe she whils and beheads Medusa, winning the match and she sinks to her knees by her fallen foe*

<small>I win..</i>

*Wonder Woman sits there until the broadcast flickers out a few minutes later returning you to your regularly scheduled program*
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Kidnapped! [Nov. 15th, 2004|02:00 am]
LexCorp Media
Hollywood Actress, Monica Mayne has been kidnapped.

Monica, age 26, was abducted from the Hollywood Hills set of The Flash, Saturday afternoon. Witnesses reported seeing Miss Mayne being swooped into the air by a man dressed in a Rainbow colored jumpsuit on a-- Am I reading this corectly...?

A rainbow colored surfboard--? *stares at the camera, knows that can't be right*

The Costumed Bandit has been identified as The Rainbow Raider.

"She was right in front of me for the longest time." Bobby Augustyn, writer, stated. "And then suddenly that dirtbag grabbed her amd and they vanished! We all panicked. Including Flash."

Flash was reportedly on hand for the event, and had managed to come to the rescue, as well as the Hollywood Fire Department to put out the travesty left in The Rainbow Raiders wake.

If you have seen Miss Mayne, or know the whereabouts as to where she is, please call your local police IMMEDIATELY.

Viewers are urged to take caution if they happen to spot this madman. DO NOT go near him. Do not try to bring him down yourself. He is considered to be armed, and extrememly dangerous.
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-Breaking News!- [Nov. 12th, 2004|11:04 pm]
LexCorp Media
[mood |scaredscared]

Hello everyone--

This is Conan Nolan reporting LIVE from Santa Monica, California.

We just have gotten reports of an enormous explosion over in the valley, just to the left of where I'm standing. *motions*

I don't know if you can get a shot of all of that, Ken-- so our viewers at home can take a look at the large plume of black smoke rising into the a--

*feels a sudden woosh rush past, holding onto his jacket so it doesn't blow away*


*alarmed, looks around, not sure what happened*

Just over that hill is where the new Flash movie is being filmed, however, the explosions-- we know that they were NOT scheduled to do any pryo tech--

*suddenly hears a series of explosions rocket one after the other, watches as debris goes flying, not noticing as a pickup trucks heads staright for the camera man and Conan*

.....WHAT Ken- What is it?? *watches as he puts his camera down, slowly turns around, eyes wide*

Oh Shi--

[static fizzles]
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2004|01:56 pm]
LexCorp Media
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Dateline: Gotham City

Will nobody get off their butts and finally do the population a favor, and put two bullets into the back of the head of the Joker? I mean, this clown has killed, and killed, and killed some more, and we keep tossing him in Arkham...do you think that it helps any of the families of his victims to know that he's supposedly incompetant to stand trial? Does it help that guy living in Crime Alley who lived through a dose of Joker-venom, and now has a perma-grin, just like Joker's, that no amount of plastic surgery is ever gonna fix?

I say we just do the world a favor, and the next time he pokes his little green-tipped head out from hiding, we have a police sharpshooter put a bullet in it.

You hearing me out there, Commissioner? We don't want him brought in, us people of Gotham who pay your salary.

Gotta take a break, folks, and then we'll get to your calls on this Joker situation. To repeat our story from the top of the hour, another body in a Harley Quinn costume was discovered this morning, in peices, in an auditorium on the Gotham State U campus. And, to the surprise of roughly no one, the Joker doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. No I.D. on this victim, but our hearts here at WLEX go out to her family and friends.

This is Denny Burton. We'll be right back.
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[Interesting News Music Plays] [Oct. 18th, 2004|12:23 am]
LexCorp Media

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