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in the current edition of the Boston Statist [May. 16th, 2005|11:44 pm]
LexCorp Media
BOSTON (LP/Reuters) - A diamond exchange and two jewelers were robbed yesterday morning by a presumed metahuman thief, mimicking a series of robberies committed last week in Seattle. The three crimes were all committed in the space of approximately twenty minutes apart - but each of the three locations is at least three miles from one another.

Witnesses in Lancord Fine Stones reported being blinded with "pure darkness" for about five minutes at 10:20 AM, and in some cases being physically restrained (although unharmed) by unseen assailants. Stevenson Diamonds was robbed at 10:28 AM in the same manner and Folley Jewels at 10:35 AM. In all instances, security cameras were likewise covered with an "inky black substance" for the duration of the thefts.

Det. Curtis Hooper commented that Boston SCU were in contact with the Seattle police department about the crimes. "We're looking at all the angles we can for this one, but I suspect we're not going to see this person - or persons, if it was several groups working in tandem - for some time. We have reason to suspect that this is the same perp who committed the Seattle crimes, from what we've discussed with the Seattle PD, and they must have quit town soon afterwards to come here. If we can't find them in the next twenty-four hours, I'd be willing to bet they hit another city next week."

The total take from this crimewave is reportedly well over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, almost doubling the take of the Seattle spree.