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Keystone at 11 [May. 30th, 2005|02:41 am]
LexCorp Media
...We're here at the Flash museum, which has apparently been devastated by person or persons unknown. Emergency crews are surveying the interior to see if there is any structural damage, but so far it appears that the vandalism has been confined to the exhibits.

Security personnel say that around 9:00 PM, while the new movie, Flash: Faster Than Lightning was premiering. The guard on duty noted a fire door alarm, and then there was, according to him, "a storm of wind, like a tornado" inside the building. When he next looked, the damage had been done.

So far, all signs point to this being another speedster, but given the Flash's history, that doesn't narrow things down all that much.

We'll be live on scene with events as they develop. Here at the Flash Museum, I'm Linda Lee.