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Is Mesa City America's Lourdes? [Sep. 26th, 2004|12:51 pm]
LexCorp Media
ARIZONA--The reports that first trickled from this soutwestern Arizona town are turning into a flood, with visitors from all over the state, the country, and now the world flocking to Mesa City to visit the girl known only as "Manos Curativas," or "Healing Hands." Believers say she is able to heal everything from the common cold to inoperable cancer with a touch.

The Catholic Church has declined to agree with the visitors who call this young girl a saint or a miracle-worker. A spokesman for the Pope would say only that the Vatican would be sending a representative to see if the cures are indeed (cont'd on Page 8A)
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Freedom's Price [Sep. 18th, 2004|07:15 pm]
LexCorp Media
Murder suspect Wallace RUDOLPH West, was set free this afternoon, when allegations of his his alleged involvement in the murder of Ashley Zolomon was proved false. Zoloman, who is the wife of Keystone City's notorious Professor Zoom, was pressumed dead six weeks ago when her car apparently collided into a tree, sending the car into a blazing inferno.

HOWEVER, this was un-just. Ashley Zoloman was, in fact, NOT HARMED, and found locked in basement-like quaters for the last few weeks at the GobaLax Coorperation. We managed to get in touch with the Head of the cooperation for comment.

"It's a disgrace we were not able to detect Miss Zoloman's presence on our property." said Joeseph Flagrom. "We will be making quite a few changes around here to make sure this doesn't happen again. Seurity cameras, locks, even better scannning devices... I'm just thankful she was all right.--"

Sadly, the only life claimed in slew of this was that of Jannet Witherspoon, a local woman, aged twenty-five. She was a student at Keystone University

West was seen with a slew of cameras behind him, as he walked out of the doors of the Iron Heights facility.

"I don't hold it against the justice system, no. I know that they were helping me from the moment I entered this place, and I can't thank them enough for doing everything in their power to get me back onto my feet.

I'd most like to thank Miss Diana Prince for giving me the chance to tell my story THANK you for listening to me when no one else would. And... I especially would like to thank The Flash! ....for bringing forth the evidence to clear my name." he then gave a smiling thumbs up to the cameras. "I owe ya, buddy. Couldn't have done it on my own, that's for sure."

A member of the media stepped forward, "Have you gotten a chance to see Ashley Zoloman yet, Mr. West?"

He chuckled. "I just stepped out two seconds ago! If I had Flash's speed, I'd be over there giving her my well wishes right now. ....but I'm not," he winked as the crowd shared a chuckle. "I will be going to see her at a later date."

"What about the tension between you and her husband?"

".....................thank you all for your time."
West then made his way through the crowd, with his lawyers and was then ushered into car.

And now onto further developments regarding Ashley Zoloman:

After police were able to free Ashley from her prision, she was quickly taken to Keystone City General Hospital, where she remains in SERIOUS condition.
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*TV Ad* [Sep. 3rd, 2004|07:30 pm]
LexCorp Media
[mood |crappySabotaged]
[music |God Bless America]

Over a "Vote Lex" publicity still, Lex Luthor says:

"I'm Lex Luthor, and I approved this message"

The add begins as countless other before it, with white words appearing on a black screen, over which patriotic music plays:

Who led us through Earth's final night, back into the sunlight again?

Who has defended us against enemies foreign and domestic?

Who has encouraged our scientists and engineers to show the world that American ingenuity is not a thing of the past, but the hope of the future?

There is a slight flicker, then the following appears:

A different, inhumanly calm and deep male voice narrates the text on the image, then says:

Because a vote for Smith is a vote for a megolamaniacal self-centered inhuman despot, bound on re-creating the world in his image.

the original anouncer's voice continues over the image:

For Truth. For Justice. For the American way.

For 4 more years.

Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

The screen goes bland again, then three orange claw marks "tear" across the screen, and a distorted female voice says:

Smile, Lexxie baby - You've been SAVYGED
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SPORTS -- King-Jones only American woman to survive first round [Aug. 15th, 2004|06:49 am]
LexCorp Media
ATHENS, Greece-- An American and a South Korean won the first archery competition in the Panathinaiko Stadium since the marble facility hosted the first modern games in 1896.

Cissie King-Jones of Philadelphia, PA, defeated Yelena Nikitin of Ukraine, and Yun Nam-Soon of South Korea beat Greece’s Sofia Karadassiou in the opening matches in the round of 32.

18 year old King-Jones won the gold medal in the women's individual event in the Sydney Games in 2000, and is a favorite for the gold in Athens.
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