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Kidnapped! [Nov. 15th, 2004|02:00 am]
LexCorp Media
Hollywood Actress, Monica Mayne has been kidnapped.

Monica, age 26, was abducted from the Hollywood Hills set of The Flash, Saturday afternoon. Witnesses reported seeing Miss Mayne being swooped into the air by a man dressed in a Rainbow colored jumpsuit on a-- Am I reading this corectly...?

A rainbow colored surfboard--? *stares at the camera, knows that can't be right*

The Costumed Bandit has been identified as The Rainbow Raider.

"She was right in front of me for the longest time." Bobby Augustyn, writer, stated. "And then suddenly that dirtbag grabbed her amd and they vanished! We all panicked. Including Flash."

Flash was reportedly on hand for the event, and had managed to come to the rescue, as well as the Hollywood Fire Department to put out the travesty left in The Rainbow Raiders wake.

If you have seen Miss Mayne, or know the whereabouts as to where she is, please call your local police IMMEDIATELY.

Viewers are urged to take caution if they happen to spot this madman. DO NOT go near him. Do not try to bring him down yourself. He is considered to be armed, and extrememly dangerous.